I swore I wouldn't say anything...

and yet.

I swore I wouldn't say anything...
Photo by Chris Linnett / Unsplash

I was up all night last night because my two oldest kids couldn’t sleep. They're feeling pretty upset about the shooting at East High.

They asked if I’d stay up, so they knew someone was looking out. Looking out for what? I don’t know. They didn’t either. Sometimes it’s just nice to know while you sleep, someone else is awake. I get it. So I stayed up until 5:30 this morning. 

And during those hours I read a lot - including this piece from Wired. It’s about Mormonism, sci fi, fantasy, world-building, fandoms, journalists and publishing. That’s a lot of stuff I think about all the time.

The tone of the article is…proving to be controversial. As are some of the conclusions and observations. When I read it, I knew it was going to be a thing. But I don’t have time for more things. So I promised myself I wouldn’t say anything about it.

This tweet from the amazing Garrett Bucks made me laugh so hard, I actually spit out my tea.

It would be much easier to just not get into it.

But ummmm now I am half-way through a piece about it. And based on my Twitter interactions and informal text polls - my take is going to satisfy no one. Why am I still going to yammer on about it? Because it matters to me, maybe. But also maybe because I can’t stop thinking about it until I finish writing about it. 

So today, I want to know -

When was the last time you swore you wouldn’t say anything? Because you knew entering the discussion was going to mean more work, or less peace, or simply a moment of discomfort? And then you said it anyways?