Covid, Capital and A Video?

"Don't look at me," she says while sharing a video of herself.

Covid, Capital and A Video?

A quick fix for yesterday's newsletter. A funny story about my youngest kid's weird night terrors. And then at the end, a video I made before the fevers descended. It's about the way your support - reading my work, sharing my work, paying for my work - is impacting little corners of the world.

My youngest daughter was home sick with an on-and-off fever all last week. I had a fever by Friday night. It kept me company until late last night. Is it Covid? I'll never tell! (Yes, yes it seems it was. Despite boosters for days. Ah well.) I am getting better! The worst bit at this point is feeling I'm being pressed down by more gravity than everyone else. Everything is heavy. Which is maybe a fitting way to feel considering (gestures all around) the state of things.

A quick video from last week where I discuss Brontë's wild sick dreams.

I wrote yesterday's newsletter all last week - while tending to fevers and having a fever myself. I still had a fever yesterday when I published it. So yes! This is a long way to say - the newsletter not only had more typos than usual, but it was also a slightly wrong draft. I've fixed it up on the site. I am sure I'll find more things I don't love about it over the week as I feel better and better. But it's much improved!

I am delighted to say that someone who works in venture capital called it "cringe-inducing brilliant." Also, and I'll write about this more in the future, but we NEED venture capital funds run by people who understand how capital is weaponized. We need VCs who are engaged in inclusive funding. And we need VCs who invest outside of the traditional Bay Area bro network.

Have you read my work? Shared my work? Paid me for my work? This little odd story is for you. (Thank you.)